Kinki Studio EX-P27 Preamp


A preamplifier with HT Bypass. The EX Series is tuned to reproduce sound quality with balance mid and smooth extension in both ends, high and low extension. True Class-A biased, fully discrete input and output stages are the heart of the EX-P27. Rich in tonal quality, details, and high resolution. Silky smooth volume control thanks to the discrete R2R volume control, of which known for its precise and accurate volume adjustment with precision matched resistors.

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HT Bypass Input

HT Bypass Input is located on the left rear panel. This feature enable users connecting an external preamplifier to a same power amplifier such as AV preamplifier. This feature can be enabled by using the remote control. When it is in HT Bypass mode, the EX-P27 preamplifier’s volume/gain controls are bypassed, signal from the connected preamp at HT Bypass terminal passthrough the EX-P27 directly to the amplifier.

R2R Volume Control

Most preamps use a potentiometer for volume control. The EX-P27 uses an advanced microprocessor-controlled, relay-based R2R steps attenuator. Ultra-precise 95 steps linear volume control allow you to fine adjust the volume for late-night-listening.

Cost-Is-No-Object Approach

The EX-P27 uses a high cost 0.2µm gold-plated printed circuit board (PCB). Looking at the PCBs, it is clear that the designer is well aware of the limitations on the fine contact area of the general circuit board, specifically increasing the soldered area at each solder joint and adding as much shielding as possible. The EX-P27 uses three nos of toroidal encapsulated transformers, one each to power up the display, volume control, buffer and amplification stage, to improve channel separation and to ensure that the power does not interfere with each other. It is essentially a dual mono design in the same chassis.

Goodbye Noise, Welcome Darkness

The toroidal transformers are installed in the CNC-machined aluminum encapsulation, and the entire chassis is made of 8-10mm thick anodized aluminum block, effectively eliminating the nasty EMI/EMC induced from the surrounding equipment.

Signature Sound Characteristics

Neutrality, musicality, rich tonal quality, vivid sound imaging were the main characteristics we aimed for when designing the EX-P27. A Preamp that can produce an extremely detailed, high resolution and dynamic sound. The choice of components, the design, and tuning achieve just that. That is the Kinki Studio gear’s signature sound.

Technical Specifications
  • Frequency Response: 0-50kHz ( 0.1dB) ,0-150kHz ( 1dB), 0-300kHz ( 3dB)
  • THDN: 0.002% (-80dB)
  • S/N Ratio: >98dB >100dB (A Weighted)
  • Channel Separation:>106dB
  • Input Sensitivity: 2.25Vrms – 3.6Vrms
  • Input Impedance: 50kΩ
  • Input Connector: RCA x 4, XLR x 4, HT Bypass x 1
  • Output Voltage: 2.25Vrms – 3.6Vrms
  • Maximum Output Voltage:16Vrms
  • Output Impedance: 75Ω
  • Output Connector: RCA x 1, XLR x 1
  • Power Consumption: 80W Max Output
Dimensions & Weight
  • Dimensions: 430W x 120H x 330D
  • Weight: 15KG
Owner’s Manual

36 Months

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